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Who we are

Bismark Precast Decor is a design company that offers a wide range of sculptural and Architectural Architrave designs for individual buildings, families, estate developer, estate owners and other building companies in Ghana. At Bismark Precast Decor we design and modify building, we style and decorate building. We also put your home into a good and a modern furnishing. So if you are looking for a great way to furnish your building with a decorative style please look no elsewhere than Bismark Precast Decor. Our office is located at Accra - Pokuase, Amasaman. We have being in the system for thirteen (13) years now. We offer good and quality service to our customer and clients. At Bismark Precast Decor you do not have to choose between a great price and quality work. We give you an affordable price with a high standard of quality designs and good finishing. All of our designs moulding work made of a high standard of quality materials for a long lasting and forever used. The material include normal cement (Ghacem) or (DIAMOND) Cement, Iron rod (3/8) , smooth sand, water proof cement (Permafix), Tiles cement (Permafix)

Our Designs and services

Windows hood design, corner guard designs, square and round pillar designs, parapet facial ceiling, parapet fence wall design, door architrave designs, median wall skirting and floor skirting, main gate designs, room decor and designs, P. O P. Corner mould and ceiling designs, concrete balusters ,wall smoothing ,plumbing work ,electricals ,general construction (masonry and carpentry ),quantity surveying and land surveying , draftmanship etc .

Free Estimate: Get a free estimate and an idea upon how much it will cost you for a particular designs and also the type of materials that will be needed.

Quick production: With the type of design you choose we carry your order and mould the design at your allocated site and do the fixing and the installation within the days or weeks we agreed on

Quick delivery: We deliver your work for you within the agreed period of days or weeks Quick delivery We deliver your work within the agreed period of days or weeks Technical support: With the aid of our artistic customer can come with your own design and we will do exactly one for you, we also advice you upon the type of designs and colours that will suite your building and many more.

We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.